An Action / Survival Horror set in the wake of an apocalyptic EPIDEMIC.

The dead have risen to feast on the flesh of the living. The streets of Glendale lie in ruin, devoid of life and stirring in death. After a sudden military quarantine one month ago, the trapped citizens of Glendale eke out a meager existance. There is no more T.V, no more Grocery stores or neighborhood watch. Instead, the surviving few scrape through each day among the tides of ravenous dead doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

Welcome to the Necropocalypse RPG (All Flesh Must Be Eaten).
The game follows the story of those marooned within the quarantined city borders and thier desperate struggle to survive against the impossible odds. As society collapsed, the life of convenience and law diminished into self-reliance and chaos. Starvation and insanity wrack the living while the tireless dead shuffle through the derelict cityscape, converging in swarms at any sign of life, never stopping until they are fed.

An ambitious project intended to give the player free reign over Glendale.


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